Swimming is a unique and remarkable sport that requires muscular endurance, strength, and speed. Whether you have enjoyed a summer day splashing in the pool, an aquatic exercise group, or the seriousness of competitive swimming, we all have a connection to the swimming pool. It is those memorable moments housed in the water that keeps drawing us back for more.

Charlotte, North Carolina is an Aquatic power house, giving homes to various Aquatic Centers and swim teams all competing for a piece of the spotlight. The Levine JCC JAWS Swim Team is one of those swim teams! The potential of the Levine JCC JAWS swim team is immeasurable and we are asking for your assistance in helping us reach our competitive goals!

Next Fall 2017 we will be participating in our 6th annual JAWS-A-THON! This is a type of fundraiser where each swimmer earns money by swimming  as many pool lengths as possible, within a 45 minute period.

All the proceeds collected from this year’s JAWS-A-THON are being donated back to the Levine JCC Aquatic Department. We are not only hoping to provide more money to our scholarship program, but our Levine JCC JAWS Swim Team is hoping to raise enough money to pay for new equipment for all members of the team.

All donations are accepted, no minimum amount is required. Remember, anyone can make a difference so any amount of support would greatly be appreciated!



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