Swim School

2018 Winter/Spring Swim School Lessons

The purpose of the JCC JAWS Swim School is to provide a foundation of swimming skills.  All Classes are held at the Indoor Pool.   Age determined by start date of first class, Each child will be evaluated on the first day of class and placed in the appropriate swim level.  Click image to enlarge.

Swim Level Descriptions

Pre-School Beginner I

Student must be a minimum of 3 yrs. of age at first class and potty trained at first class. This class is for the very beginner swimmer and/or for those who are uncomfortable in the water. No prerequisites are required. This is class is intended for those students who have never participated in formal swim instruction. Instructors will work on basic water adjustment. Introduction to bubble blowing and face-in skill.

Pre-School Beginner II

This class is recommended for beginner swimmers with limited water experience. This student has possibly been introduced to formal swim lessons but is still considered a beginner swimmer. This student is not swimming independently without floatation devices. This student may or may not be adjusted to face in the water. 

Pre-School Intermediate

This student is comfortable in the water and has a small 2-3ft independent swim with face in the water. This student has been introduced to back stroke. Student will jump independently from side and swim back to the wall. This student has been introduced sitting and kneeling dives.

Pre-School Advanced

This student is able to take a breath and continue independent swimming a minimum of 3-6ft. This student has non- proficient independent back with continuation 3-6 ft. This student is able to tread water for a minimum of one minute. This student has a non- proficient breast stroke and non-proficient standing dive.

Pre-School Proficient

This student is able to swim multiple continual free style laps with face in water; has a proficient back stroke and breast stroke but needs refinement. 

Private Swim Lessons

No age restrictions (adult private lessons available)
All swim lessons are 30 minutes
Classes are held at the indoor pool

Private Pricing
1/2 Hour: M/$30 • NM/$35
Package of 5: M/$140 • NM/$165
Package of 8: M/$225 • NM/$264

Semi-Private Pricing
1/2 Hour: M/$20 • NM/$25
Package of 5: M/$90 • NM/$115
Package of 8: M/$144 • NM/$184
Clients must provide 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid possible charges to their lesson packages. 

Infant Survival Swim Program at the J

ISR – Infant Swim Resource for ages: 6 months – 6 year olds

ISR goes beyond traditional swimming. ISR teaches very young children techniques designed to help them survive should they find themselves in the water alone.

Levine JCC Indoor Pool
For details, dates & lesson times please email diana.barnes@charlottejcc.org 
Click here to view flyer

General Guidelines

  • Parents must remain on JCC premises at all times (unless being transferred through our transfer program) .  Parents are to wait on the pool deck and stay clear of the pool edge at all times. Children may not be left unattended before or after their swim lessons. We find that sometimes its best for parents to leave the pool deck area during the actual lesson if your child is having a distraction issue.
  • Parents and instructors have expressed concerns that frequent make-ups are disruptive to the classes. The JCC Swim School does not offer make-up classes due to illness or any other personal reasons. We do however offer make-up classes due to weather related cancellations or pool incidents. If you are unavailable at the designated make-up lesson date and time your make-up lesson will be forfeited .
  • Please remove or ask the preschool to remove all Band-Aids. We recommend using liquid band-aids. Please be considerate and use discretion with wounds that have not healed sufficiently.
  • Children who are not completely toilet trained must wear a  swim diaper. Please have older children use the restroom before class begins.
  • Please do not bring or allow a sick child to be transferred to swim class. We ask, to avoid the spreading of illness any further, that you wait until your child is better before returning to swim class. If your child has a fever or a contagious disease, please keep your child home.
  • No food or drink is permitted on the pool deck
  • Please do not allow your child to enter the pool until the class is scheduled to begin. This is for their safety and the safety of the other children in the lessons.
  • Swimmers are not allowed to chew gum or have any type of hard candy during their swimming lesson
  • Please be conscience of the amount of food your child consumes prior to his/her swim lesson
  • Children must be fully potty trained to participate with the exception of Parent & Child classes.

Transfer Policies

  • The transfer program is provided courtesy of the Levine JCC and there is no additional charge. Transfer forms are available at the LJCC Customer Service Desk.
  • No child will be transferred from CJP/CJDS/J-Team without a signed transfer form. No transfers are made from CJDS on Friday.
  • Fill out one form per family if you have not already done so for the school year.
  • When you register, you must contact us to let us know that you want a transfer, and we’ll track your request electronically. It is the parent’s responsibility to keep contact information up-to-date.

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