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Spring 2015 Program Guide
25th anniversary

Staff Directory

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Executive Management

Philip Berman, Chief Executive Officer 704.944.6800
Anna Gunsher, Senior Director, Family Life 704.944.6729
Jen Lahn, Senior Director, Sports & Fitness 704.944.6844
Karen D. Maniloff, Senior Director, Membership and Human Resources 704.944.6801
Daphne Williams, Senior Director, Finance 704.944.6700
Geneva Boxer, Executive Administrative Assistant 704.944.6724

Membership Department

Susan Lerner, Membership Supervisor 704.944.6741
Robin Stier, Membership Coordinator 704.944.6737
Shellie Barer, Membership Administrator 704.944.6737

Adult and Senior Adult Departments

Jill Lipson, Director, Senior & Adult Services 704.944.6792
Jodie Iagnocco
, Manager, Adult Programs 704.944.6753
Audrey Herman, Senior and Adult Department Assistant 704.944.6735

Fine Arts Department

Susan Cherin Gundersheim
, Visual & Performing Arts Director 704.944.6778
Mary Couillard, Visual Arts Coordinator  704.944.6862

Social Action Department

Julie Rizzo
, Director of Development & Social Action 704.944.6730

Aquatic Department

Josh Steinberger, Aquatics Director 704.944.6746
Heather Fisher- Head Swim Coach 704-944-6745
Diana Barnes, Aquatics Department Coordinator 704.944.6797

Customer Service Department

Karen Greenblatt, Customer Service Manager 704.944.6775
Suzie DeSarno, Program Registrar 704.944.6723
Linda Dabak, Customer Service Associate 704.366.5007
Annette Overbeck, Customer Service Associate 704.366.5007
Jodi Roberts, Customer Service Associate 704.366.5007

Family and Youth Services Departments

Mark DiDonato, Camp Mindy Director 704.944.6738
Mitch Ormand, Manager, Family and Children Programs 704.944.6733
Doreen Sparks, Family and Youth Services Administrator 704.944.6728
Jessica Cohen, Teen and Group Services Coordinator  704.944.6739
Maxine Serrano, J Childcare Supervisor 704.944.6726
Stephanie Freedman, Early Childhood Program Supervisor 704.944.6891

Marketing and Finance Departments

Elsa Safir , Creative Director  704.944.6732
Marisa Jackson, Marketing Director  704.944.6835
Amy Berger, Marketing Assistant  704.944.6706
Kristi Fallowes, Member Account Services 704.944.6703

Sports and Fitness Departments

Stephanie Garner, Sports Director 704.944.6743
Taylor Stern, Sports and Fitness Coordinator 704-366-5007
Lyn Addy, Manager, Group Exercise  704.944.6870
Cathy Beasley Bennett, Fitness Director 704.944.6874
Gregory O'Connor, Tennis Director 704.944.6748
Bob Allensworth, Assistant Tennis Director 704.944.6748
Zack Wise, Tennis Professional 704-944-6748
Anne Sinsheimer, Pilates Training Coordinator 704.944.6756
Missy Schomaker, J-Force Coordinator 704.944.6798
Patty Torcellini, Children and Family Program Coordinator 704.944.6836

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