Yom Kippur Holiday Hours:

Tuesday, September 18: 5:30am-3:00pm
Wednesday, September 19: CLOSED

Rock Steady Boxing

Parkinson's Patients Only

Rock Steady Boxing Intro Session

In this program, exercises are largely adapted from boxing drills. Boxers condition for optimal agility, speed, muscular endurance, accuracy, hand-eye coordination, footwork and overall strength to defend against and overcome opponents. In Rock Steady Boxing, Parkinson’s disease is the opponent. Exercises vary in purpose and form but share one common trait: they are rigorous and intended to extend the perceived capabilities of the participant. Assessment required – see below.

Tuesdays / Thursdays, 1–2:30pm

4 Week Sessions:

May 8th – May 31st
June 5th – June 28th
July 3rd – July 26th
July 31st – August 23rd
August 28th – September 20th (no class on Tuesday, September 11th)
September 25th – October 18th  
October 23rd – November 15th
November 20th – December 13th (no class on November 22nd)
December 18th – January 10th (no class on December 25th)

Location: JForce Room

$75 members
$90 non-members
$12 per class members (drop in rate)
$15 per class non-members (drop in rate) 

Assessment required to start program.
Contact Jenny at jenny.crow@charlottejcc.org to schedule your assessment.
Cost: $100 assessment fee, including boxing gloves, hand wraps, T-Shirt and a bag.

Register at charlottejcc.org, or LJCC Customer Service, 704-366-5007

Q? 704-944-6870 or jenny.crow@charlottejcc.org

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