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With so much programming going on within the Jewish community JPOD CLT aims to educate and inform you each week, so you can get involved in programs that you feel passionate about.  Episodes will cover topics ranging from social action opportunities, holiday and community events, or personal stories, and how they make our Jewish community stronger and more visible to the greater Charlotte region.  This started as a lightbulb idea when I realized just how much time it took to keep up with every email, FB post and CJN article about events in the community.  Listen on your way to work, school or the gym once a week for just a few minutes to learn about the opportunities and stories available in your Jewish backyard. 

Episode 12: The Levine JCC Butterfly Project
In the last 10 years the Levine JCC's Butterfly Project has grown into one of the most impactful programs in our community.  With 6000 students attending annually, butterflies being used in schools for awareness and plans for a virtual future this is my favorite program in the Jewish Community.  
Learn more about the Butterfly Project

Episode 11: JCARES Social Action Fall Programs
Find Social Action Mitzvahs to participate in this Fall through the LJCC Cares Program.  All options are open to anyone in the community. Click the sign up links to get involved or email Julie.Rizzo@charlottejcc.org to learn more about LJCC Social Action Opportunities throughout the yea

Episode 10: Levine JCC JTOTS
If you are looking for a half-day play school option for your 12 month old and walking then JTOTS is the place for you.
Learn more about JTOTS

Episode 9: PJ Library Connectors
If you live in Matthews, Waxhaw, Weddington or Lake Norman PJ Library is bringing fun activities for young jewish children and parents to you.  Find out more about weekly programming in your area.  Email Gabby Star pjlibrarygabby@gmail.com

Episode 8: Mikvah
Charlotte has one of the most beautiful Mikvah's in the country.  Learn more about how and when to use it.  Sorry men, this Mikvah is for woman only.  Dish dipping is open to all.
Learn more about Mikvahs

Episode 7: Hebrew Cemetery 
Don't let your family decide what is best for you after death, make that plan for them.  Learn about the history and options for Jewish burial in Charlotte.  
Learn more about The Hebrew Cemetery 

Episode 6: Freshlist
An online local farmers market, will be delivering to the LJCC Main Entrance every Friday morning from 8-10am.  Shop for the items you like and need by Tuesday at 8am, starting 7/13/18
freshlist.com: Note - the delivery details have been changed since recording

Episode 5: JFORCE
Hear how Susan Kent has been fighting breast cancer through functional fitness routines and friendship at JFORCE.
Learn more about JFORCE
Learn more about Celebrate the Tatas

Episode 4: Shalom Baby
An opportunity for parents with new babies to meet and start networking in the community.  Plus you can start an early love for story time and reading with your new baby.
Learn more about Shalom Baby

Episode 3: Shalom Park Freedom School
An opportunity to learn about the importance of education over the summer for children who are most susceptible to summer slide in our Charlotte community and ways you can make an impact on this Jewish community social action program.  
Learn more about Shalom Park Freedom School

Episode 2: Shabbat 108
Learn about Chabad Young Professionals, why they play an important role for unaffiliated young Jewish professionals, why Shabbat 180 is going to be a fantastic event and where to buy tickets. 
Learn more about Chabad Young Professionals 

Episode 1: Thursday, May 24th
Learn about why the LJCC hosts this event every year, what it means to the competitors, how to get involved and the impact it makes on the greater Charlotte community.
Learn more about the LJCC Kids Triathlon 

Meet Emily Russell 

Emily Russell grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and visited Charlotte as a teen for BBYO conventions.  Fast forward many years, add a stop in Washington DC and Greenville SC, and she currently finds herself engaged in the 

Charlotte Jewish Community.  Her curiosity about who we are and how we work together to make a bigger impact in our community has led her to the front door of the LJCC.  With 4 years of local food related newsletter writing, she is excited to bring this modern day Jewish newsletter version to life in JPOD Charlotte.  One topic at time, she will tackle social action programming, community events, places of worship, the arts, jewish schools and so much more.  Now you can be informed in the comfort of your own commute.  

Please send feedback, ideas, suggestions to jpodclt@gmail.com


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