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Ball Machine Club

The Levine JCC ball machine club is open for registration. For anyone interested in utilizing the ball machine on a regular basis this is an excellent opportunity to lock in the lowest cost for unlimited usage on the ball machine for anyone in your family.


Ball Machine Membership is $120/year. This allows anyone in the family to use the ball machine during the year as long as they have a reservation.
If you do not have a ball machine membership you can still pay the hourly rate of $14.
Ball machine club members take priority when reserving the ball machine.

Reservations for the ball machine can be made up to 7 days in advance. Members are responsible for picking up all balls and storing the ball machine back in the storage areas after use.


Ages 12 and under need adult supervision while using the ball machine.

The ball machine may not be used when it is raining, when the courts are too wet or soft to support play, during league play/matches, Sunday mornings between 9am – 12pm, and if all courts are reserved.


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