Performances & Auditions


Summer Night with Unicorn: November 3 - 4

Saturday, November 3rd: 2PM & 7PM
Sunday, November 4th: 2PM
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Disney's The Little Mermaid: December 8 - 9 & 15 - 16

Saturday, December 8th: 2PM & 7PM
Sunday, December 9th: 2PM
Saturday, December 15th: 2PM & 7PM

Sunday, December 16th: 2PM
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Rockin' Through The Ages: March 9 - 10, 2019

Saturday, March 8th: 2PM
Sunday, March 9th: 2PM

Ticket sales begin September 15th

Jewish Playwriting Contest: March 23, 2019

Saturday, March 23rd: 7PM
Ticket sales begin September 15th

JCABARET: May 4, 2019

Saturday, May 4th: 7PM
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Once Upon A Mattress: June 1 - 2, 2019

Saturday, June 1: 2PM & 7PM
Sunday, June 2: 5PM
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Learn About PlayPlay!

PlayPlay! Theatre was started in January 2010. The company created and performed its first show, Uh-Oh!, in June of that year. The Levine JCC is thrilled to be mounting 3 Play Play shows this season, as well as developing a brand new show Shalom!

Unique features of PlayPlay! Theatre:
Simple plots and small audiences.
Non-traditional performance spaces with floor seating and room to move around.
Pre-performance experience engage the audience before the show begins.
Stimulating, inviting lights to encourage the youngest of theatre-goers to watch along.
Live music!
Tempo meets the energy of the audience, lasting between 25 to 45 minutes.
Actors encourage children to actively participate!
Post-performance experience allows the audience to enter and explore the performance area and engage with the actors.

Is my child too young?
Not at all. Even newborns are welcome at PlayPlay! Theatre productions. Please note that everyone attending the performance, even the youngest in your family, will need a ticket.

Reviews from Theatre Critics & Mommy Bloggers

How long can a child 3 and under be engaged in theater?  Actually, when the show is created for them, they'll sit the whole time. And they'll even ask for more.
Kiran Dodeja Smith, Little Ones Magazine Blog

Most people are aware that participating in the arts can help kids develop their own creativity and discover new possibilities in the world around them. But they may not realize that the arts also provide a unique opportunity for human connection. This happens between the performers and the audience, as well as between the child and adult who attend a performance together. This shared experience creates a very special bond that endures.
Liz Bertrand, Modern Mom Magazine

I was impressed by the gentle insistence of the performers to get each and every child involved. The actors never frightened the children nor pushed them into anything. My daughter, who can be shy, seemed very comfortable exploring the space at the end of the production. 
Tim Baxter-Ferguson, Arts a la Mode

The collective wonder of the children and their parents was a sight to behold.
Perry Tannenbaum, Creative Loafing

Psshh: October 4 - 7

Thursday, October 4th: 10AM
Friday, October 5th: 10AM

Saturday, October 6th: 4PM
Sunday, October 7th: 10AM
Ages birth - 3 years old
Ticket sales begin September 15th

wee: November 29 - December 2

Thursday, November 29th: 10AM
Friday, November 30th: 10AM
Saturday, December 1st: 4PM
Sunday, December 2nd: 10AM
Ages birth - 3 years old
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Shalom: March 28 - 31, 2019

Thursday, March 28th: 10AM
Friday, March 29th: 10AM
Saturday, March 30th: 4PM
Sunday, March 31st: 10AM
Ages birth - 3 years old
Ticket sales begin September 15th

Fall Flicks - October 20 - 22

Info Coming Soon! 
Ages 13 and up

Core Festival - February 9 - March 3

Saturday, February 9 - Sunday, March 3
Info Coming Soon!
Ages 13 and up


The Little Mermaid - August 25 - 26

4th graders – Adults | Gorelick Hall | No preparation necessary
Saturday, August 25 at 1pm: 7th graders – Adults for Principal Roles
Sunday, August 26 at 12:30pm: 4th, 5th & 6th graders for Principal Roles
2–2:30pm:  Mandatory Info Meeting for all cast & parents
2:30–3:30pm: Mandatory Full Cast Auditions
4–7pm: Callbacks
Rehearsals: Sundays between 1-7
Tech Week: Mon 12/3 – Thurs 12/6, 4:30–9pm

Past Cultural Arts Photos: (Photo Credits: Peter Safir) 

Holding Out For A Hero
Children of Eden

JCabaret! April 2017

What's In A Name
Disney's Beauty & the Beast
Jewish Playwriting Contest
JCabaret! April 2018

For questions, please contact:
Susan Cherin Gundersheim, Cultural Arts Director & CJFF Director  or 704-944-6778

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