Early Childhood and Preschool

We offer a variety of programs and classes to enlighten your preschooler.  The J offers complimentary transfers from CJP to the JCC.  

Sports Classes

Gym-Bees: 3–5 year olds
Learn gymnastics on specially designed preschool equipment, gain confidence and learn in a playful environment. Develop tumbling skills, balance and upper/lower body coordination. 

Preschool Basketball: 4–5 year olds
Introduces dribbling, passing, shooting and defense in non-competitive skill drills, games and actual play.

Preschool Kicks for Kids: 3–5 year olds
Rooted in a traditional taekwondo curriculum, this class teaches balance, coordination, agility, core strength and reaction time. Kicks for Kidz also prides itself on developing discipline, respect, self-control, teamwork and a positive attitude. Students wear belts and earn colored skill stripes. After students earn all 6 stripes, they graduate to a new belt and break a board!

Preschool Sports Club: 3–5 year olds
Introduces basic sports skills through relays, stations, and sport activities that will enhance motor skills. 

Stepping Stones T-Ball: 3-5 year olds
Play America’s favorite pastime sport. Fun, non-competitive class that teaches basic baseball skill

Stepping Stones Soccer: 3-5 year olds
Introduction to soccer to learn basic soccer skills. Fun, non-competitive class. Get ready for the Micro-soccer league.

Zumba Kids Jr.: 4–6 year olds
Come join the dance party! Preschoolers will have a blast dancing to different sounds from around the world. They will explore new cultures and rhythms through games and movements.

Coach D, Daddy & Me: 2-4 year olds
You and your child will enjoy a variety of fun, engaging sport activities.  Parent participation required.

Preschool Tennis: 3–5 year olds
Emphasizes gross motor skills, basic tennis information, and fun on the courts.

Aquatics Classes

Infant & Toddler Swim Lessons: 6 months - 2 year old
Children are learning to get comfortable with their bodies in the water thru activities, songs and games. Parent assisted, swim diapers required.  Learn More

Preschool Swim Lessons: 3.5-6 year olds
Lessons are divided into class groups with specific goals – basic beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Select desired day/time of lesson; then our trained instructors will assign your child’s class level based on his/her ability on the first day of class. Learn More

Infant Swim Resources: 6 months - 6 years old
ISR goes beyond traditional swimming. ISR teaches very young children techniques designed to help them survive should they find themselves in the water alone. Learn More

Cultural Arts

J Play: Learn through the Arts: 3-6 year olds
Art projects, music and acting out stories make learning FUN and get kids excited about letters and numbers

J Steps Ballet/Tap: 4–5 year olds
A fun class that will expose our young dancers to the styles of ballet and tap. Classical skills are integrated with creative movement. Ongoing class runs once a week through the end of May, with an optional recital at the end of the year.  Click here to enroll.

J Steps Tiny Dancer: 3 year olds
Our littlest boys and girls will enjoy an active class in which they can stomp, spin, shake and express their creative sides. Ongoing class runs once a week through the end of May, with an optional recital at the end of the year.  Click here to enroll.

Enrichment Classes

Mommy & Me Massage & Yoga: Seaonal
Mommy and Me Massage & Yoga provides a unique bonding experience for you and your baby. Our focus strengthens the emotional, physical, and spiritual connection between mother/father/caregiver and their bundle(s) of joy! This class will help carry you smoothly through the busy early months of caring for a new baby while having fun!  Click here for more information.

NEW Ultimate Fitness Stroller Club: Seasonal
Moms, bring your baby and stroller to join other moms in an energizing outdoor work out. Be prepared for lots of cardio training along with intervals of strengthening & toning using bands and body weight – all this while socializing & engaging with your child.  Click here for more information.

Music and Me: 8 Months–2 year olds
Interactive music and age-appropriate movement for mommy, daddy, or caregiver and their baby/toddler.

Fun Appetit: 4–5 year olds
Our little chefs will learn about cooking by watching, feeling, smelling, tasting. Each class is themed and packed with learning, creating, tasting and fun! They will be making recipes that are fun to make and yummy to eat.

Future Scientists: 3–5 years olds
Science is so cool! Kids enjoy real, hands on investigation and experiments about the science all around them. An interactive, age appropriate way of exploring and learning through stories, games and experiments. 

Little Bloomers: 3-5 year olds
Your preschooler will learn about the wonders of gardening during this active, hands-on program. The gardeners will be planting, picking, tasting new foods, and creating nature crafts. This will truly be an in interactive gardening experience.

Half Day & Full Day Programs

J Tots - A Toddler Playschool: Ages 12 months & Walking
J Tots is a toddler enrichment program designed to give your child their first experience in group socialization, while learning in a nurturing Jewish environment. 

Charlotte Jewish PreschoolAges 2 - PreK
The LJCC is a partner in early childhood education with The Charlotte Jewish Preschool.  The Charlotte Jewish Preschool provides high quality half and full-day early childhood education programs within an enriched Jewish environment.  Learn more.

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