J-Tribes is designed to provide Dads and their children time to spend together at several fun and exciting events through out the school year. Dads and kids are paired up into groups according to their grade/age with other kids of the same grade.  Throughout the year each age group will attend monthly events chosen by their specific groups along with 5 annual “All-Tribe” events. 

All-Tribe events include:

  • Kick-off Pool Party
  • Apple Picking
  • Corn Maze
  • Menorah Making
  • Overnight Camping Trip

In addition to these amazing events dads and their kids will be organizing a specific Tzedkah/Mitzvah project.  This is a wonderful way for dads to spend time with their children and meet other dads.

For more information please contact
Mitch Ormand, Manager, Family and Children Programs
mitch.ormand@charlottejcc.org or 704-944-6733

*Some events require an additional fee and an additional registration.

*Ongoing school year registration



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