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Fitness Class Descriptions

Cardio & Strength Classes

Arms & Abs – Focus solely on your upper body. 30 minutes to focus on your core and arms using weights, bands and your own body resistance!

Athletic Conditioning – Athletic workout focused on increasing your muscular and cardio endurance. Plyometrics, cardio drills, agility and strength and much more make this totally addictive!

Ballet Ball – A no impact class that fuses the ball class design with the barre class design to work core strength, posture, flexibility and stability, along with full body strength and balance.

Body Works – A traditional fitness workout featuring muscle conditioning focused on one group of muscles at a time with smooth transitions. Includes cardiovascular exercise for overall fitness.

Boot Camp – A physical training program designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group intervals.

BOSU Blast – Blast calories while working on balance, strength, and cardio health using the bosu trainers (half ball) in a variety of exercises.

BOSU Core & More – Blast calories while working balance and strength on the BOSU. Strengthen your core and entire body using weights and bands.

Butt & Gut – Focus on your lower body and core using your own body weight, bands, BOSU and more.

Cardio Kickboxing – Kickboxing drills will give you high intensity cardio training intermixed with periods of active rest and ab work.

Core Ball – Define, strengthen and tone your entire body in this dynamic class geared for all levels. We will use a large stability ball and light weights for core strengthening, toning, flexibility and balance.

CSI (Cardio Strength Intervals) – By alternating between exercises that elevate your heart rate, and ones that build strength, you will get a complete workout!

HIIT the Circuit – High Intensity Interval Training done in a circuit format.

Interval Training – This class will consists of periods of intense exertion using a variety of equipment, alternating with periods of rest or lighter exertion.

Intro to Cardio Dance – This is not a workout, but rather an opportunity to learn slower paced instruction to the dance moves and combinations used in regular Cardio Dance classes.

J-Run – Learn how to run faster, more efficiently, and injury free. We focus on the proper mechanics of running and aim to help runners of all ages and abilities achieve these goals. Strength training is incorporated in each workout to build strong arms, legs and core-essential to running!

Jacki’s Dance – Developed by Jacki Sorenson, this high-energy, fun-filled class is a JCC must! Instructor Sara Frazier takes you through a series of simple-to-follow choreographed high/low moves, sculpting and core-body conditioning. Great music, moves, instructor and great for all fitness levels!

Kettlebells – Kettlebells are weights shaped like a ball with a handle, and used for full body action. Grab hold of this high intensity training and swing into action!

Muscle, Core & More – New to exercise? This class is for you. As we age we lose muscle tone and our balance becomes more difficult. Focus on building your strength to maintain an active lifestyle. Exercises targeting balance give you increased stability. Start with your own body weight and when you are ready you can add hand weights, resistance bands or a stability ball to challenge yourself.

Strength & Stamina – Total body sculpting utilizing exercises that incorporate multiple muscle groups, core stabilization and functional movement.

Tabata Training – 20 sec. high intensity + 10 sec. rest X 8 set = 4 min. of effective metabolic training. You will be using a variety of exercises in the tabata format throughout class, along with modifications to accommodate fitness abilities.

Total Strength – Focuses on building muscle using a variety of equipment. 100% strength, no cardio. Abs included.

Walking Group – This low impact, low intensity class will get you moving in the right direction. Meet in the downstairs studio for a warm up, then we will head outside to walk the neighborhood or track, weather permitting.

Zumba® Burn calories by burning up the dance floor! Dance to latin-style music, including meringue, salsa, mambo, cumbia, reggaetone & more!

Zumba® GOLD – A lighter version of above class!

Mind & Body Classes

Barre – A strengthening & lengthening workout that blends the movement and structure of Pilates and ballet. Includes some mat work / light resistance training, but mostly exercises at the barre to tone lower body & strengthen the core.

Barre Flow – Combines Barre work and Yoga flow in one class. Balance, Pilates and core training will increase your flexibility to build longer, leaner muscles.

Basic Yoga – Geared toward success for all students. Men and women of all ages and all fitness levels come on a consistent basis to slowly deepen their understanding of alignment, breathing, and simple Vinyasa flow. The total experience is both a challenging cardio-vascular work out and deep relaxation.

Beginner Flow Yoga – Do you want to try yoga but are afraid or uncomfortable? Forget intimidation and enjoy the body bliss. We slowly break down the poses, and teach you how to honor your body’s abilities & limitations, providing the foundation to be able to attend any Yoga class.

Blissful Barre Yoga – For those who need less up and down movement and might need something to hold onto, Blissful Yoga will help those who are challenged by balance. Participants will have the opportunity to use the barre during any, or all parts of the class. This very beginner level class will introduce primary sequencing, teaching members a variety of Yoga practices.

Brain & Balance – For members with neuro degenerative symptoms, we focus on strength, coordination and balance. All participants must be ambulatory to take this class.

Deep Stretch Yoga – You will be guided through poses that will stretch your body safely through your own awareness and ability. Spend this time to reconnect / recharge your body, mind & spirit.

Flow Yoga – Variations and add-ons to basic poses encourage you to explore your body’s authentic form. Match your movements to your breath as you work towards creating a flowing sequence. Long holds in poses bring on stillness,

Cycle Classes

Cycle – Non-impact, high intensity cardio workout will build muscular strength and endurance. You will experience the thrill of the chase, sprints and climbs while burning fat and calories. All fitness levels welcome!

Water Aerobics

Aqua Fitness – Beginner to Intermediate. Light to moderate cardiovascular, strengthen and flexibility conditioning using the total body. No swimming ability required.

Arthritis Class – All levels. Gentle activities with the guidance from a certified instructor.

Deep Water Fitness – All levels. Cardiovascular and resistance conditioning without impact.

Power Plunge – All levels. An energizing optimum workout targeting performance and endurance with strength and cardiovascular fitness.

Water Power High energy class with toning and cardiovascular workout.

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