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The Levine JCC has begun a phased resumption of our programs, services, and facility access. Portions of our Tennis Facility, Outdoor & Indoor Aquatics Complex and Outdoor Group Exercise will be available to active members by advance reservation online or over the telephone. For issues with online registration, please call 704-366-5007. 

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September Health & Wellness News

Published Thursday, September 1, 2016 8:00 am
by Jill Lipson

Two Chinese Practices that Promote Health and Wellness

T’ai Chi
T'ai-Chi (taiji) is a Chinese art form of slow, gentle, continuous movement that provides a safe exercise and muscle toning while harmonizing the mind-body-spirit. T'ai-Chi is called "meditation in motion” and is a complete healthcare system that teaches everything from meditation to self-defense. The following are benefits of T'ai-Chi:

  1. Increased circulation
  2. Better coordination
  3. Increased leg strength
  4. Better balance
  5. Improved blood pressure

T'ai-Chi helps develop more awareness of our body, breath, and mind. It’s techniques help us learn to slow down and not rush and to be safer in our personal space. This is why T'ai-Chi will reduce FALLS IN OLDER ADULTS.

Chi-Kung (Qi-Gong) means working with our breath or breath work or cultivating our energy. This Chinese holistic approach to health combines breathing and gentle movements to maintain health and increase longevity. 

T'ai-Chi and Chi-Kung are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation.

Try it.  You will love it!!  

Narrative written by Sifu (Master/Teacher) Mike Gentile
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Both Beginner and Intermediate T’ai-Chi classes are offered at the Levine JCC for members and non-members.
Please contact Jill Lipson at 704-944-6792 or Sharri Benjamin at 704-944-6753 in the Senior and Adult Department for class information and pricing.


This program is funded (in part) with a grant from BJH Foundation.

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