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Security Enhancements

Published Wednesday, November 28, 2018

LJCC Members, community, and guests,

We want to thank you for the recent outpouring of support following the murder of eleven members of the Pittsburgh Jewish Community. These horrific acts have touched us all and given us pause as we consider our role in opposition to hate and Anti-Semitism.

As we do with regularity here at Shalom Park, these moments provide us with another opportunity to review our Security practices, protocols, and facilities to ensure that we are making necessary enhancements.

As a result of this most recent security review, we will enhance our existing security by limiting the exit and entry doors to your Levine JCC. This will result in the permanent change of several doors to emergency exits only. With specificity the following doors will no longer be available for exiting the building with the exception of an emergency - the Fitness Complex Doors which exit to the front of our building, several doors in the Indoor Aquatics complex, and the Ceramics studio exterior door.  These doors will be armed with detection equipment and alarmed should anyone exit or enter. These changes are as a direct result of the expert guidance and recommendation of our security and law enforcement partners.  

Without question, we are prioritizing safe and controlled access to our LJCC over convenience. We acknowledge that this transition could result in inconvenience or a change in your current routine.  We apologize for that inconvenience, but remain committed to following the recommendations provided to us from experts in the security field.

This change will go into effect Friday morning, November 30, 2018; and we look forward to helping you to readjust your entry and exit paths to the building, through the main (rotunda) entrance.

We appreciate the support of our entire membership as we work to provide a safe JCC experience.  It is our privilege to serve your families, and we continue to welcome your respectful feedback.

Peter Blair
Levine JCC

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