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The Levine JCC has begun a phased resumption of our programs, services, and facility access. Portions of our Tennis Facility, Outdoor & Indoor Aquatics Complex and Outdoor Group Exercise will be available to active members by advance reservation online or over the telephone. For issues with online registration, please call 704-366-5007. 

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Levine JCC Reopening Update

Published Thursday, May 28, 2020 5:30 pm

To our JFAMILY, 

In the pre-COVID 19 world of March 13th, many of you woke up and started your day as you did almost any other, with plans to come to your Levine JCC. Whether you were coming for an early morning swim in the bubble pool, to work out in the Fitness Center or play a match of doubles tennis with your friends, your plan was to come to the J. You came not only to participate in your program of choice; you came also because of your relationships with your community. The Levine JCC was thriving, and it you could feel its energy.  We were thriving because of the commitment of our members and the dedication of our Staff.

Last Wednesday, Governor Cooper released his plans for Phase Two of reopening North Carolina, which now permits the Levine JCC to resume outdoor operations with set limitations and safety guidelines in place. This coming Monday, June 1, we look forward to feeling some of that energy return to our facilities as we resume access to our outdoor Aquatics Complex, begin to offer outdoor Fitness programs, and resume doubles Tennis play and programs.  Our programs and services and access to facilities will be by advance reservation only and reservations can be made online or over the telephone. See our FAQs for complete information.

Outdoor Group Fitness

Limited outdoor group exercise and JFORCE waves will be offered, by reservation only. Classes will be held on the outdoor soccer fields, Camp Mindy Pavilion and the top level of the parking deck. Fields will be marked for participants to maintain proper social distancing at all times.  Face coverings are required as you move to and from your Fitness programs and recommended, but not required during the program.  Online reservations will begin Friday, May 29 at 1pm at www.charlottejcc.org/register.  
Click here to view the June Group Exercise Schedule
Click here to view the June JFORCE Wave Schedule 

Outdoor Aquatics Center

The Outdoor Aquatics Center will open for Lap swimming and ISR lessons, by advanced reservation only.  Member “open swim,” by advanced reservation only, will begin Saturday, June 6. To allow for proper social distancing, there will be a limited number of “bays” available to reserve. As of Monday, June 8, we will resume Private Swim Lessons. The answers to many of your questions, such as whether your reservation includes access to the Splash Ground (Yes!) can be found in our FAQs. Online reservations will begin Friday, May 29th at 1pm at www.charlottejcc.org/register
ISR & Private Swim Lessons are by appointment only.  Click here to request a lesson

Tennis Facility

In addition to Singles Play and 1:1 lessons, we will resume Doubles Play, by advanced registration only.  To make a reservation, please call 704.366.5007 during business hours.  We will continue to follow the same safety measures and protocols issued when we reopened the Tennis Facility on May 15.   Face coverings are required as you move to and from the courts and we strongly recommend you to wear a mask during Doubles Play.  To make a reservation, please call 704.366.5007. 

Please plan ahead before arriving to the Levine JCC by reading our Frequently Asked Questions.  There are safety measures and protocols in place to review prior to your arrival.  All members are required to sign a waiver. All staff and members are required to wear a face covering and will receive a brief health screening upon entering Shalom Park facilities.

Membership Information

Current active members can register for Outdoor Group Fitness, Aquatics and Tennis with no additional action required.  Members who are in “freeze” status have two options: 1. Register for Outdoor Group Fitness, Aquatics and Tennis and your registration will indicate your approval to immediately reactivate your membership or 2. Email ljccmembership@charlottejcc.org to reactivate your membership prior to registering

We understand that not all members are ready to resume their membership at this time. If you choose not to register for any programs or services, you are able to remain in “freeze” status through December 31, 2020. At this time, we are prioritizing the availability of programs and services to current active members. In order to ensure your membership experience, we are not accepting new members as of May 21, 2020.

Summer Camp
Last Thursday, May 21st, we announced our plan for Summer Camp 2020.  Please click here to read our Camp Announcement.  We have limited openings available for Traditional K-5th Camp Mindy, JSTAGE Cultural Arts Camps, and Tennis Camps – we are currently accepting new registrations from active Levine JCC members only. For more information, click here.

Additional Programs and Services

As we continue to follow the guidance from the CDC, NCDHHS, and align our reopening plans with the Governors, additional programs and services will not resume until July 6th at the earliest. Further details will be communicated in late June.

Elimination of Programs & Services

In mid-March, to ensure the safety and well-being of our members, staff, and community, the LJCC made the difficult decision to suspend services and close our facility.  Given all we’ve learned about COVID-19, this was the right decision.  Our staff have worked tirelessly to create online content to ensure our members stayed connected and engaged throughout this pandemic. Despite the closure of our facilities and the subsequent revenue loss, we are proud to have been able to compensate our 200-member Family of Staff through May 31.   Your continued membership dues, program fees, and donations to our Staff Sustainability Fund and Capital Campaign have enabled us to sustain our LJCC and staff during this time, and we are grateful. Thank you!

However, despite our vibrant health leading up to COVID-19, the pandemic has had a significant impact on our LJCC. When we resume our programs next Monday, we will be doing so as a smaller LJCC. In order to ensure that the LJCC is able to continue to offer programs and services and deliver on our core mission, we have made difficult decisions required of us as leaders. These decisions include the downsizing of our Social Action, Membership, Customer Service, and Senior Leadership Staff, the suspension of our Athletic leagues, Recreation, JTots, and JChildcare programs; until such time as it is safe to resume them. Sadly, programmatic cuts mean position eliminations for the LJCC Family of Staff members who delivered those programs.

This week we have made the painful but necessary decision to eliminate the positions held by 41 LJCC staff members.  These 41 Staff members are a part of our JFamily; they have helped teach and care for our young children, have helped us fulfill our commitment to repairing the world, have instilled in us a love of sports, have welcomed us each morning as we arrive at the J, and have ensured our growth and success as leaders. Every one of them helped to ensure that our members’ J experience was excellent. Their impact on our organization and on our LJCC members will be missed. 

We take our responsibility to our LJCC Family of Staff very seriously, and accordingly have provided every staff person whose position has been eliminated with a financial severance, fully paid health insurance through 2020, and LJCC membership. These extensions of benefits are a small consolation for the loss of a position, but are an expression of our values and our commitment to our staff.


Your LJCC has been deeply affected by the impact of COVID 19, and we need your help now, more than ever.   To all who have frozen your memberships, we are asking for your help. Please reactivate your LJCC membership and support your LJCC so that we are not faced with increasingly difficult decisions and further program and position eliminations. You are not used to hearing us ask for your help, largely because we were thriving for much of the last decade. Now, in our time of need and we hope that we can count on your support.  To reactivate your membership, email ljccmembership@charlottejcc.org

Since the facility closure, we have delivered over 250 online programs on-line through our JConnect platform. These programs have been attended by thousands of LJCC members, community members, and family members across the country. You can now take a Yoga class when it fits your schedule - not ours. You can attend the excellent LJCC Cultural Arts programs from the comfort of your couch, and build community whenever, wherever, and with whomever you want. Someday in our future, these virtual offerings will become a membership category, providing access to those for whom virtual membership is a better fit for their lifestyle. For those members who have continued to pay their membership dues throughout these past eleven weeks, you will receive free lifetime access to our virtual offerings as recognition of your commitment to your LJCC.

These have been challenging times for all of us. To those of you who have continued your memberships, paid your monthly program and service fees, sustained or upgraded to our Distinctive Member program, made donations to our Staff Sustainability Fund, endowment funds, and Capital Campaign, we cannot thank you enough. You have sustained us and brought us to this day, so that we can become the J of the future.

We all need community now more than ever, even if it is from six feet of distance or from behind a mask. We look forward to seeing you back at your Levine JCC soon,

Peter Blair
Chief Executive Officer
Levine JCC
Raizel Kahn
President of the Board of Directors
Levine JCC
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