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Levine JCC Update - September 17

Published Thursday, September 17, 2020 4:00 pm


No Joining Fee Going On Now

Did you know the J has resumed normal operations for nearly every program and service we have to offer?  Our dedicated staff is coming up with new and innovative ideas every single day to bring our community together. For those that haven't returned, check out all we're doing to ensure your health and safety and come back to your J - we miss you!

Now through September 30th, we are offering a No Joining Fee special (a savings of $199).  This special offer ends September 30th and standard joining fees will apply.   Refer a friend and after 4 months of membership, you’ll receive a $50 Levine JCC Gift Card! Join today - call 704.944.6737 or email

Jefferson Entrance

Construction work has Jefferson Road has been completed.  The gate will remain open during Levine JCC facility hours.  As always, please be mindful of the neighbors safety in Lansdowne and remember to fully stop at the stop sign prior to turning.  

Parking Lot Information

Did you know that Shalom Park is home to 14 organizations? As every agency on Shalom Park begins to resume normal operations, we are seeing an increase in activity on Shalom Park, resulting in more people and more cars! We recognize that parking in the Blumenthal Parking Lot is at a premium for some hours of the day, most notably during school hours. This is extremely positive for all of us who utilize Shalom Park and we are delighted to support our partners at the Charlotte Jewish Day School and Charlotte Jewish Preschool, which are now fully open.  In order to support the schools, two rows of parking in the Blumenthal Lot have been dedicated to allow for adherence to new Department of Health and Human Services restrictions placed upon the Charlotte Jewish Preschool,  thus requiring more parking dedicated to the schools.  Furthermore, in order to adhere to the guidance of our local and national health experts, we are not yet able to utilize every area of our facilities, thus inhibiting ease of access to our Tennis complex. We appreciate that the challenges of navigating new protocols and procedures has an impact on our members and that a few extra steps are required to access the facilities. We appreciate your understanding and strongly recommend, that if you are attending a program during typical school morning drop off or afternoon pick up times, that you allow enough time to find a parking space.  Together with the Foundation of Shalom Park, we appreciate your understanding of our goal to ensure access for all of participants in all 14 of our Shalom Park organizations. 

A quick reminder…

We love pets, but please remember that Shalom Park only permits service animals on the property. 


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