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Fall 2020 Program FAQs

Registration Information

When does registration begin?

Registration begins on Monday, July 20th for Active Members and on Monday, July 27th for all non-members and those on “freeze” status.

I am currently on “freeze” status, when can I register and what rates do I pay?

Only active members may register for programs during the early registration period that begins 7/20. Non-members and Members “on freeze” must wait until 7/27 and pay non-member rates.

I was a member at the time of registering and paid the member rate. Can I keep that rate if I “freeze” or cancel my membership?

Members must remain in active status from the time of registration through the end of the class to enjoy the member rate.

Can I apply past account credits to Fall Programs?

Yes.  They can only be used by registering with our Customer Service Desk by calling 704.366.5007.

I can’t remember my login information, what do I do?  

When you get to the Registration Screen, Click “forgot my password/Login” or email ljccmembership@charlottejcc.org or call 704.366.5007 to make a reservation.

I was a non-member or in “freeze” status at the time of registration, but since have reactivated my membership. Can I now pay the member rate?

Members must remain in active status from the time of registration through the end of the class to enjoy the member rate. Therefore, you are not able to receive an account credit for the difference between Member and Non-Member rates. However, moving forward you will receive member rates for new program registrations.

Are complimentary transfers from CJP/CJDS/JTEAM still being offered?

At this time, CJP & CJDS is not allowing the LJCC to transfer children to classes. We are collecting the transfer information now (at enrollment) with the hope that CJP ultimately will allow transfers in the future. However, at this point, we simply do not know.
• Transfers are available from J-Team & Camp Mindy 365.  Please check your email for information coming soon. 
• If transfers from CJP are not available, and you choose to withdraw for that reason, your program fees will be credited to your account. If you would like a refund for your program fees, a 20% administrative processing fee will apply in all cases.

Health & Safety 

Will my child be required to wear a mask?

Your child will need to wear a mask when being transferred to and from their program.  If arriving from outside the facility they will need to wear a mask upon arrival until their health check and protocol is passed. They will also wear it from time to time when we are unable to safely social distance.

Will staff be required to wear a mask?

All LJCC Staff will be required to wear masks when they are unable to ensure that they can keep six feet of social distance from any child or other member of our Staff. There will be moments when removal of a mask is prudent, necessary, or safe to do so.

Do I need to fill out a waiver for myself or my child to attend an LJCC program?

Yes, all program participants need a waiver on file regardless of age. However, after you sign and return your initial waiver, you will not have to complete a waiver on subsequent visits. On every visit all participants will be required to take the health screening before attending your registered program or service.(To fill out your waiver prior to arriving, click here for the adult waiverclick here for the minor waiver. The signature must be a physical signature; no e-signatures will be accepted). Please review our protocol screening questions prior to arriving to Shalom Park.

What safety measures and cleaning procedures will you have in place? 

The Levine JCC will be following cleaning and sanitization protocol recommendations of the CDC and NCDHHS. All cleaning products used are on the COVID 19 disinfectant list and our frequency and intensity of cleaning has been increased with a focus on high touch points. 

What will social distancing look like?

Social distancing is not a developmentally appropriate expectation for any child under the age of 12, and especially the younger children (under 7). Therefore, we expect that your child will be at a distance of less than 6 feet of another child, neither of whom will be in a mask. Our Staff will remind children to frequently to social distance, but we know that it will not always occur. Our programs will not encourage activities that place children in less than 6 feet of one another for prolonged periods, or that occur in confined indoor spaces for prolonged periods to minimize known sources of transmission.

Refund Policies 

If you choose to withdraw from an LJCC Program or Class the following policies apply: 

Members/Guests may choose to have a credit issued to their account for the full amount of the program / class fee.
Members/Guests may request a refund. All refund requests will incur an administrative fee equivalent to 20% of the program / class fee. No exceptions to this administrative fee will be made. Refunds may be issued via credit card or check. The following withdraw reasons apply to this policy.
• Class moves online and participant wishes to withdraw (since not in-person)
• Child transfers are no longer offered and participant wishes to withdraw
• Participant wishes to withdraw for any other reason (e.g., change of plans, medical, doesn’t like class) pending department approval

If the Levine JCC makes the decision to cancel a program for low enrollment the following policy applies: 

Members/Guests may choose to have a 100% credit on account or a 100% refund.  Members/Guests will not incur an administrative fee equivalent to 20% of the program.

Will membership refunds be given for those who reactivate but the class get cancelled?

No refunds for membership fees will be granted.

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