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THE DAWSON AQUATICS COMPLEX ENTRANCE IS CLOSED through Friday, November 26th. During this time, all members must enter through the Main Entrance (Rotunda). All members will receive their health screening, proceed to the Member Hospitality Center (formally known as the Front Desk), apply an arm bracelet, and then scan through the LJCC secure access door.


Your LJCC Community JImpact Magazine

A Message from the Levine JCC CEO

I am honored to be the CEO of the Levine Jewish Community Center and I feel blessed every day to be a part of this community, for it has that charm and kindness that makes you want to give of yourself, that makes you want to be part of - and make a difference in - a beautiful community. Here at the Levine JCC we have the opportunity to build and nurture relationships with the members of our community each day. Our relationships are built within Kehilah: Community. It is why we at the Levine JCC invest so heavily in our Charlotte Community. We invest through partnerships, as we believe that our role is to partner to help to build a healthier Charlotte. We partner with the United Way, with the Levine Children’s hospital, with Special Olympics, with the Bruce Irons Scholarship Fund, with CMS, and we partner with each of you. At its core, relationships are built upon the support of our community. 

You need only leaf through the JIMPACT magazines below, to learn a bit more about the impact YOUR Levine JCC is having on Charlotte. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our work in the community. Your support of our work enables us to have an impact on members of every age.

We are a J that invests in our community; that invests in relationships.

Peter Blair
Levine JCC, CEO




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