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Looking for ways to keep your kids entertained, educated, and engaged at home? Stay tuned for weekly content curated by the JCC's early childhood and youth staff.
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Online Classes for the week of May 25  - 31
Links are active at the date/time of class

Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24

Monday, May 25

10:00 AM:  Storytime with Amie   
LIVE - Facebook                                  

Tuesday, May 26

3:00 PM: JTEAM: Pictionary Part 2
LIVE - Facebook                              

7:00 PM: JSTAGE: Snoopy
WATCH HERE                                           

Wednesday, May 27

6:00 PM: Bedtime Story with Ms. Jennifer
LIVE - Facebook            

Thursday, May 28

1:00 PM: Kids Cooking with Ms. Jennifer 
LIVE - Facebook                                                            

Friday, May 29

1;00 PM: Shabbat with Ms. Patty 
LIVE - Facebook                                

1:00 PM: Skills & Drills with Coach Greg & Coach Bob



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