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Staff Sustainability Effort

“If I am not for me, who is for me; and if I am (only) for myself, what am I. And if not now, when?” – Hillel, Ethics of the Fathers, 1:14

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Over the past week we have received and continue to receive an overwhelming amount of support from our members.  We want to thank those members, partners, and leaders who have already demonstrated their commitment to our mission and staff. We are blessed to partner with members and our community who recognize that our Family of Staff delivers exceptional service, with a tremendous amount of heart and expertise, and are enthusiastic to ensure our Staff members are fully compensated at this time.  

This talented team of LJCC professionals are working throughout the suspension of our normal operations, and continue to tirelessly pursue ways to serve our members and guests without the use of our facilities. The Staff Sustainability effort ensures our support for them, and makes possible for them to be back in place the moment our doors reopen.

Here are the following ways to help fund the Staff Sustainability effort:

We understand that situations change; and adjustments to your contributions can be altered at any time. No action is required to continue making payments for your ongoing membership as a tax-deductible contribution.  For additional details on membership dues, enrollment fees and program expenses, please click here to read our FAQs.   

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