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Your J Needs You Now

The pandemic has impacted each and every one of us, challenging our community in ways we could not have anticipated. Our Levine JCC is not immune to the challenges of COVID and the impact on our J is significant. We all need community now more than ever, and your community needs you now more than ever!   

We are excited to let you know that we have been given a new challenge - an opportunity to save the J!

In order to do that it will take our entire community working together. Today, our challenge is to raise one million dollars. The Leon Levine Foundation has generously agreed to match us dollar for dollar up to $500,000! You donate. They match. It doubles. You join the J, or unfreeze your membership. They match. It doubles. You upgrade your membership. They match. It doubles. It’s that simple.  



One Million Dollar Challenge Campaign FAQs

When the One Million Dollar Challenge Campaign begin and when will the campaign conclude?

The Levine JCC launched the One Million Dollar Challenge Campaign on October 10, 2020.  The campaign will conclude on December 31, 2020, however, donations can be paid through June 30, 2021.

When the Levine JCC initially suspended normal operations due to COVID, I was told that our monthly membership would be treated as a donation, is that still the case?  If so, will that be happening through the end of the year or longer?

Membership dues and locker fees are tax deductible for a period of 6 months, which aligns with the time period in which we had suspended our normal operations.

Can my pervious/current membership fees made each month since the beginning of COVID be counted as a donation and be matched by the Levine Foundation? 

We are deeply appreciative of our member’s support through these challenging times through continued membership. Unfortunately the Leon Levine Foundation is not matching the dues contributions of members. However, they are matching donations received between 10.10.2020 and 6.30.2021. The Leon Levine Foundation is also matching membership upgrades to Distinctive Membership levels. This enables our community to support the LJCC through the COVID impact.

If I have a credit on my account, can we convert this into a donation?

Yes! You can choose to donate your balance on your account and it would be treated as a donation to the campaign. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Kristi Fallowes, LJCC Accounting Manager at Kristi.Fallowes@charlottejcc.org..

Can I make donation using stock, a Donor Advised Fund or a retirement account?

Yes, we would be happy to accept these donations. Please email Melanie.Hersch@charlottejcc.org and we will put you directly in contact with UBS Banking.

I’d like to consider upgrading my membership.  What are the distinctive member categories?

Thank you for your consideration in upgrading your membership.  Upgrading your membership will have a substantial effect on supporting the longevity of your Levine JCC. Click hereto review all the Member Upgrade options.

I can’t see the full donation screen on my phone.  How I can view it and make a donation on my phone?

We are working to ensure our donation form is accessible and easy to view.   If you are unable to view the form on your phone, we suggest turning your phone horizontal and this should enable you to view all the form fields.  If this does not work, please call 704.366.5007 and we will be happy to take your donation over the phone.


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