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Masters Swim

Masters Swim Is Back!

“I’ll just swim laps by myself,” we all say to ourselves; and then we get busy and there is no one to notice or miss us when we haven’t made it to the pool in a while. 
Don't let the name fool you!  You don't have to be a master swimmer to take Master Swim.  But we can't promise you won't become one!  

  • Coach adapts to your individual needs
  • Limited swim experience needed to participate
  • Schedule can be made to fit your needs with 7 classes to choose from per week.
  • Select from a 2 classes per week option or unlimited option
  • Knowledgeable/renowned coaches
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Triathletes welcome
  • Great facility-Class administered in our climate controlled bubble pool with ideal water temp.

Instructors: Heather Hageman

Heather has 20+ years of teaching masters, has a healthy following of swimmers and she herself has a background as a successful competitive swimmer.

Masters Class Info:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Tuesday & Thursday

Class Option 1: 
2 classes per week

Class Option 2: 
3 classes per week

We are not accepting non-members for this program right now.  To become a Levine JCC member, please call 704.944.6737.

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