Gesher Teen Camp

Rising Grades 6th - 8th

Teen Camp consists of a 6th grade group and 7th/8th grade where both groups enjoy 2 days of “traditional” on-site activities including swimming, archery, and canteen; as well as fun activities just for teens including Improv, chocolate making, and Color War. Every Friday will be our community service day. Whether we are making sandwiches for the homeless or cleaning up in the community garden, Friday is our day to help the community. The other 2 days will be spent off-site traveling to all sorts of exciting places, such as the US National White Water Center, Carowinds, or Sports Connection.


2020 Teen Summer Camp, CIT/LIT Camp and Athen'a Path have been suspended for Summer 2020.

While we considered every possible option for our Teen Camps this summer, we ultimately couldn’t ignore that, if we moved forward with camp and implemented the necessary changes and restrictions, Teen Camp would no longer feel like Teen Camp. In reviewing the guidance provided by the American Camping Association and the CDC, there are many structural changes that would have had to be made that would change the very nature of a summer at Teen Camp. The guidance states that we would not be able to provide field trips, a central element of our Teen Camps, that we eat in shifts to provide greater distance, and that our games, social action projects, and social times would be near impossible; these moments, that are quintessentially Teen Camp, would be gone.

This was not an easy decision. But we know it’s the right decision for Teen Camp and the CIT/LIT and Athena’s Path program after considering the specific needs of our community and reflecting on our Jewish Values.

In the coming days we will begin to process Teen Camp, CIT/LIT and Athena’s Path full refunds. Depending upon your payment method, it could take up to 3 weeks to receive your refund. If you have multiple children signed up for a Summer Camp program we are operating and have a remaining balance, the Teen Camp, CIT/LIT or Athena’s Path funds will be used to pay off your remaining balance.  Please remember, you can check your Camp Minder account to view all billing information.

Camp Katan (12 Months - PreK)
Camp Mindy (K - 5th Grade)

For more information, please contact:
Mark DiDonato, Camp Mindy Director

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