Member Notice:
THE DAWSON AQUATICS COMPLEX ENTRANCE IS CLOSED through Friday, November 26th. During this time, all members must enter through the Main Entrance (Rotunda). All members will receive their health screening, proceed to the Member Hospitality Center (formally known as the Front Desk), apply an arm bracelet, and then scan through the LJCC secure access door.

Board of Directors


  • Raizel Kahn

Vice Presidents

  • Lauren Althofer
  • Jonathan Kulbersh
  • Lisa Strause Levinson 
  • Gabriel Mathless


  • George Cronson

Directors - Terms Expiring 2022

  • Todd Gorelick
  • Jenny Sugar
  • Adam Taback

Directors - Terms Expiring 2021

  • Steven Rogelberg
  • Helena Scott
  • Brian Sterling
  • Jeff Turk*
  • Eric Wisotsky

Directors - Terms Expiring 2020

  • Dawn Chanland
  • Ken Golder
  • Ellen Goldberg
  • Staci Mond
  • Michelle Perlmutter
  • Andrew Rosen
  • Rebecca Stern
  • Chip Wallach


  • Peter Blair

* Indicates Past President

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