Member Notice:
THE DAWSON AQUATICS COMPLEX ENTRANCE IS CLOSED through Friday, November 26th. During this time, all members must enter through the Main Entrance (Rotunda). All members will receive their health screening, proceed to the Member Hospitality Center (formally known as the Front Desk), apply an arm bracelet, and then scan through the LJCC secure access door.
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Guest Policies

Levine JCC Guest Policy & Fees

We are not allowing guest access at this time. We look forward to reviewing our guest use in the near future, however, only after we are able to ensure that we can meet the current demand of our active members and honor your loyalty to your Levine JCC.

Individuals and families are welcome to use the Levine JCC facilities based upon the fee schedule below provided that they are hosted by a current member.  The guest policy requires that a waiver form be signed by a member 18 years or older.

The same individual guest may use the center a maximum of three (3) times a year. Adults (including teens age 13 and up) may bring in three guests at a time.  Members must remain on the premises while their guests are here.

If you are a prospective member, please visit our Membership Page for more information about all the Levine JCC has to offer.  Guests that become members within 30 days can apply their guest pass fees towards membership.   

Please note that Silver and Benefactor Membership Levels receive free guests year-round as a benefit of their membership.   Please stop by our Membership Office or call 704-944-6737 for more information about the many benefits of our Distinctive Member Circle.

Daily Guest Passes

Under age 6  Free
Ages 7 - 17  $5
Ages 18+ $10
Entire Family $20

Weekly Out-of-Town Guests

Individual  $20
Family      $30



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