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The Levine JCC has begun a phased resumption of our programs, services, and facility access. Portions of our Tennis Facility, Outdoor & Indoor Aquatics Complex and Outdoor Group Exercise will be available to active members by advance reservation online or over the telephone. For issues with online registration, please call 704-366-5007. 

Pilates Training

Based upon the principles developed by Joseph Pilates over 70 years ago, you'll learn the art of body control by performing well-executed movements aimed at strengthening and conditioning. Our Levine JCC certified Pilates trainers utilize a series of exercises on both the mat and Reformer equipment which help you increase lean muscle mass without adding bulk.

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The Benefits of Consistent Pilates Practice

  • Improved posture and balance
  • Safe overall body conditioning
  • Enhanced muscle strength with emphasis on core conditioning
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Better athletic performance
  • Increased self-confidence in one's physical strength and appearance

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a full body conditioning system created in 1914 by Joseph Pilates. Pilates is a safe and effective total body workout for any age, body type or fitness level.  Our individualized programs and the personal attention of our instructors will create the results that you are looking for.  Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for an athletic event, or just want to "get in shape," Pilates provides a fun and challenging road to success.         

The focus of the Pilates method is creating strength and flexibility through specific, focused and controlled movements.  Special emphasis is placed on muscles that make up the "Core", including the abs, glutes, back and hamstrings.  Each session will strengthen your entire body.  You will leave feeling strong, energized and refreshed!

Rates & Information

All sessions are 45 minutes and will include work on the Reformer, Springboard, Chair and Mat. 

M=Member, S/B=Silver & Benefactor, NM=Non-Member*

Session Type M S/B NM*
Private - 1 session $55    $50  $60
Private - 4 session package $200 $180 $220
Private - 10 session package $450 $410 $490
Semi-Private - 4 session package $120 $100 $155
Semi-Private - 10 session package     $295 $245 $390
Group - 4 session package $100 $80 $125

Group Training allows you to exercise with Pilates enthusiasts of similar ability and fitness level in a 3 or 4 person group. 

Please note that all private pilates lessons are good for only one year from the date of purchase.  Also there is a 24-hour cancellation policy for private and semi-private sessions.  For group sessions, the individual must sign-up for the entire group session.  There will be a scheduled make-up for each 6 week group session.  Group members will be charged for additional missed classes in a session. 

Pilates Consultation Form

Before you come in for your first personal training consultation, please click here to fill out this personal health form and bring it with you.

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