Parties & Rentals

Are you Planning A Party?

Pool Parties:K-5th Grade

For information please contact Joshua Steinberger 704-944-6746 or Diana Barnes 704-944-6797

Kids Parties: 3 Years - 5th Grade

For kids birthday parties of 10 or more, additional staff is required.

The LJCC will provides a one-hour activity, and you provide the cake, favors, etc.

For more information, call or email Stephanie Garner for gym rentals at 704-944-6743 or Diana Barnes for pool rentals at 704-944-6797.

Teen Parties:

Rent out the LJCC Teen Lounge! 

For more information, call or email Mark DiDonato at 704-944-6738.

All rentals are subject to facility and staff availability.

Arts Parties: 4 Years - 12th Grade

Choose from Visual Art, Ceramics, Dance or Theater/Music.

For more information, call or email Susan Gundersheim at 704-944-6778.


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