JForce uses a variety of training equipment and body weight exercises to ensure your body develops functional strength that you can use for everyday activities. The J Force program is designed for participants of all fitness levels and provides a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Each day is a new workout, keeping the program fresh and your body challenged.

What are the JForce workouts like?

J Force workouts involve a dynamic warm-up, a 30 minute high intensity workout and a static cool down. Workouts can be based on duration (time), number of rounds, number of reps, distance, or calories burnt.

Monthly competitions are created to facilitate an environment of fun, challenge and achievement. Competitions help participants strive for their personal bests and recognize the achievements of other J Force members.

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Missy Schomaker, J-Force Coordinator
704-944-6750 or missy.schomaker@charlottejcc.org


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